Ever had trouble deciphering documents? We are sure you might have spent hours reading documents to get a simple answer. To ease this process let us introduce you KnowledgeVIC 

About KnowledgeVIC

Every organization has a set of policies,guidelines, and rules applicable to its customers, users, visitors, and employees. However, it can be challenging for both the company and its customers to provide or obtain accurate information quickly, especially large organizations with different policies for different customer categories. KnowledgeVIC can read, analyze, and synthesize your documents to demystify and decipher the hidden truth. KnowledgeVIC comes in – an innovative solution that uses ai to browse and memorize documents and pages, create its own Q & A, and accurately respond to customer queries in real-time without any lag or delay.

How does KnowledgeVIC work?


Install Software

The procedure is fairly simple! Install KnowledgeVIC in your system


Upload Document

Once that is done - upload any document that you want to demystify in KnowledgeVIC


Ask a Question

Ask a question about any topic covered in that document in KnowledgeVIC’s search menu.


Get an Answer

Get answers to your queries.
How is KnowledgeVIC Different from Chat GPT
KnowledgeVIC ChatGPT
  • Authentic and Verified Data 

  • Specific Industry Based Use is possible making KnowledgeVIC a must have for your organization 

  • Accuracy will be 100 % for the data that KVIC summarizes

  • Data processed is in a Controlled Environment - Answers to queries asked to KVIC will be only fetched from the data we provided to KVIC For Instance - If a Budget Document is uploaded in the KVIC and a question regarding Budget is asked to the KVIC - The application will read the entire document uploaded and provide the answer with the para and section it summarized the answer with. It will not take any random data available on various search engines. Thus making data accurate.

  • Data collected from various sources but never verified

  • It can be used by consumers only and company’s employees can never truly rely on it. Users will always be in two minds or blindly believe it. 

  • Accuracy of the information is not possible as the data is taken from across the web pages on search engines. This could also lead to misinformation.

Sectors that KnowledgeVIC benefits?

It can benefit Government Organizations, Corporates & MNC’s, Education Institutions, Law Firms, Financial Institutions. For instance, in case of Education Institutions it can help faculty to answers to their queries related to course material, saving them time and effort in preparing their lectures whereas in MNC’s employees can get their queries answered related to HR policy. In government organizations, employees can know about the retirement policy and the pensions they are eligible for. KnowledgeVIC can be used at various organizations to simplify their task.