What is Customer Management Wizard (CMW)

Humanli’s Customer Management Wizard is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the internet. Customers can use them as virtual assistants or customer service agents in various industries, including retail, healthcare, and finance. Customer Management Wizard can be integrated into messaging apps or websites, allowing users to interact with them through text or voice commands. Humanli’s CMW is an AI powered Conversational BOT which has a plethora of features to choose from.

Lead Generation:

Customers can fill their details like name, number, email to particular enquiries.

Lead Qualification:

The CMW can evaluate whether the lead qualifies or not and accordingly make an appointment. For instance, a user is asking for a service that you company is not providing that will be marked as a disqualified lead. Thus the query will not be intimated to you via email.

Rich Media Response:

The bot will use images and visually appealing icons to improve engagement and increase user satisfaction.

Product Offerings:

A customer just needs to type the product they are looking for in the CMW and they will be provided with relevant links. They will not have to scroll through the entire website in case of a specific enquiry thus increasing sales and engagement with brands.

Discount Codes:

Once the customer visits the website. Our CMW will show a message for discount codes and once the customer reacts to it our live agent will help in closing the deal.

Video about the organization:

When a user is visiting the website for the first time they will be shown a video about the organization to explain to them what we do, the services we offer. Ultimately keeping the user engaged.

Dynamic Lead Forms:

Take dynamic lead forms,which tailor made questions based on IP addresses and cookies,one step further by interacting with the site visitor in a conversational way.

Raise a ticket:

A customer's grievance can be raised on the CMW over any issue in service, product or any complaint regarding product/ service.

Keyword search:

It is the ability of the bot to identify specific keywords or phrases in a user's input and provide a relevant response based on those keywords. This functionality enables CMW to understand user intent more accurately and provide more targeted responses.

Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Ask customers who bought any product/service for their feedback. Thus providing insights to improve the quality or services we provide.

Live Agent:

It is a human customer service representative who is available to assist users during the conversation. Live agents can be integrated into chatbot conversations to handle complex inquiries, provide personalized recommendations, and offer additional support when needed over the CMW, Facebook/Instagram and WhatsApp.

Automated Email:

Automated email through CMW refers to the process of triggering pre-written email messages from a chatbot. This functionality can be used to follow up with customers or leads, send confirmation messages, or deliver marketing campaigns.

Local Language:

The ability of our CMW to understand and respond in multiple languages, including local dialects and languages specific to a particular region. This functionality enables businesses to provide support to users who speak different languages and can help to improve user engagement and satisfaction.

Visitor Analytics:

It is the process of gathering and analyzing data on user interactions with a chatbot. This data can include metrics such as the number of visitors, their location, the number of messages exchanged, the time spent on the chatbot, and the user's path through the conversation.

Industries that can benefit from CMW

Education Institutions:

Student Support

To provide students with personalized assistance and support, such as answering frequently asked questions, providing study resources, and offering guidance on academic or career paths.

Admissions Support
Can be used to provide information to prospective students on the admissions process, eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and other relevant information.
Course Guidance
To provide guidance and support to students on course selection, scheduling, and academic planning.
Language Learning
To provide language learning support, including grammar lessons, vocabulary exercises, and conversational practice.
Administrative Support
To provide administrative support to staff and faculty, such as managing appointments, processing requests, and providing information on policies and procedures.

E-commerce brands:

In the ecommerce industry, they can help businesses to provide a better customer experience, increase engagement, and boost sales.

Here are some common use cases:

  1. Customer Service: To provide instant support and assistance to customers, answering their queries, helping them with their purchase, and providing personalized recommendations.
  2. Order Tracking: To provide customers with real-time updates on their order status, including tracking information and estimated delivery times.
  3. Product Recommendations: customer data and purchase history to provide personalized product recommendations, helping customers to find the products they are looking for and increase their basket size.
  4. Sales Promotions: to promote sales and special offers, engaging customers and driving conversions.
    Feedback and Reviews: to gather customer feedback and reviews, helping businesses to improve their products and services and build customer loyalty

Hospitality Industry:

CMW can help improve the guest experience, streamline operations, and reduce costs:

Here are some use cases:

  1. Guest Services: To provide guests with instant assistance and support, answering their queries, helping them with their reservations, and providing personalized recommendations.
  2. Room Service: To take orders for room service, and provide guests with menus, pricing, and order status updates.
    Concierge Services: To provide guests with recommendations and information on local attractions, restaurants, and events, as well as booking transportation and other services.
  3. Check-In and Check-Out: To automate the check-in and check-out process, enabling guests to bypass long queues and reduce waiting times.
  4. Feedback and Reviews: To gather guest feedback and reviews, enabling hotels to improve their services and build guest loyalty.


Can be used in the government sector to improve citizen engagement. It can provide a more efficient and effective experience for citizens while reducing costs and improving operations. It can also help government agencies to build stronger relationships with citizens, increase trust and transparency, and improve overall citizen satisfaction.

Here are some use cases:

  1. Citizen Services: To provide citizens with instant assistance and support, answering their queries, helping them with their requests and applications, and providing personalized recommendations.
  2. Informational Services: To provide citizens with up-to-date information on government policies, procedures, and services.
  3. Emergency Services: To provide citizens with instant assistance during emergency situations, such as natural disasters or public health emergencies.
  4. Feedback and Complaints: To gather citizen feedback and complaints, enabling government agencies to improve their services and address citizen concerns.
  5. Process Automation: To automate routine processes, such as application processing and approvals, enabling government agencies to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Banking & Insurance:

CMW can be used in the banking and insurance industry to provide a range of services, from basic customer support and account management to more complex tasks such as insurance claims processing and investment advice.

Here are some use cases:

  1. Customer Service: To provide instant support and assistance to customers, answering their queries, helping them with their transactions, and providing personalized recommendations.
  2. Account Management: To provide customers with real-time information on their account balance, transaction history, and other account details.
  3. Payment Processing: To process payments and transfers, enabling customers to make transactions directly through the chatbot.
  4. Insurance Claims: To process insurance claims, guiding customers through the claims process and providing updates on claim status.
  5. Investment Advice: To provide investment advice and recommendations, based on customer preferences and risk tolerance.